…to the ck scaledesigns websites. I am trying to keep this as updated as possible about my actual designs, revisions and extras. Actual Screenshots of kits being developed will remain on facebook or instagram, cause it would simply blow up this page.

Important update 2021: I have removed the pricelist and prices mentioned on the plane section, since the wood prices are currently changing too often. Please ask for your individual quote with your postal adress included.

Since I started to build my own 3 axis cnc in 2018, my productions will now be made „inhouse“ with several extras included.

Prototype builders are granted a 10% discount on the kits (accessories and gear sets excluded) as long as no plane of that particular release was maidened.

My kits include

  • a colored multisheet planset, always printed from diginal files, no photocopies
  • a shortkit ranging from 300 to 500 pieces milled from a quality balsa wood, poplar lightply, multilayer air-ply, phenolresin plates
  • hinges, control horns, connectors and extras are all included and cnc milled
  • servo mountings, u/c mountings, firewall, wing mountings are included, milled from high quality 6 mm air-ply „bulletproof“ for all important spots
  • direct contact to the designer

You only have to add sheetwood, stripwood and usual r/c components, engine, retracts, wheels etc.

Have fun and a nice building time. If there’s any further questions, feel free to ask.

Christopher Kremer

Special building season 2022 offer, in stock

  • Aichi D3A1 „Val“ 1/6th kit with planset, all fiberglass accessories, clear canopy and custom gear set
    • regular price = 968€ plus shipping | offer = 890€ plus shipping
  • Hawker Hurricane 1/5th prototype kit with planset and clear canopy
    • regular price = 642€ plus shipping | offer = 590€ plus shipping