Do you offer plansets suited for scratchbuilding to cut all parts myself?

When I started drawing I decided to not include every parts for scratchbuilders for the sake of copyright protection. Too many are out there making money with designs taken from others. I am sorry but this is the only way to protect the work of several years.

Can I send you files to cut from wood and other materials?

Yes, please contact me about sheet sizes, I also have a couple of balsa and plywood sheets in stock.

Do you offer digital files of your kits?


Can you do a metric to imperial conversion of plans and kits?

Unfortunately not, it would consume way too much time to keep everything updated. All plansets are done in metric measurements and do include a metric to imperial conversion table to order the right sheets and strip woods, which was no problem for all of my clients so far.

How long is the leading time after ordering a kit?

Since I have a solid wood stock nowadays, I can react in short time. The rest depends on the gear manufacturer and DHL. Cutting of stocked wood takes a week after order and payment plus individual shipping. Leading time of gear sets and accessories are tried to be in accord with the kit production. I will always keep you updated about the processing and can only ask you to be patient to save extra shipping costs. I want to offer the best quality possible.

Do you check any sheet cut before shipping?

Yes I am using a checklist and doing 100 % control before anything is shipped – for free.

How do you ship?

I am using DHL international for all shipments inside and outside of Germany.

Do you offer general r/c building accessories?

No, this site does solely offer kits, plansets and parts exclusively for my own designs.